Weekly Comparisons: Vitamin E Vs. Vaseline

Let’s talk about our face. That thing that ultimately shows our age no matter how old or young you decidedly would like to dress. If you were blessed with a young-looking face, embrace it, you’re lucky, just trust us. As we Betties get older, we want to preserve our skin! In this week’s comparison we are going to compare Vitamin E and Petroleum Jelly, better known as Vaseline.

A little story from one of us: a few years ago, maybe back in high school when we Betties were the coolest (or so we thought) I saw my mom try something that I will never forget. She got out of the shower, clipped her bangs back and cut the top off of a Vitamin E capsule. She then took the ooey-gooey gel inside the capsule and put it all over her face like a mud mask. Now, I was intrigued. Her face looked so slimy and uncomfortable, I of coursed laughed like the little brat I was but like I said I never forgot it. Time to time I think about when she would do that and all she would tell me is how good it was supposed to be for your face.

After doing some research on the old, world-wide web and reading other people’s opinions I decided to give it a try. But first let me explain what most have said;

1. The most common opinion given was that taking the capsule by mouth is more effective that rubbing the gel directly on your face.

2. Many said they have heard of this technique but have never tried it

3. This opinion we liked the most; a lot of people said they used the gel from the capsule as a spot treatment for scars.

When we tried it: To make this a weekly comparison, I also read a lot about putting Petroleum Jelly on your face before bed and how great it was at preserving your skin. So, we decided to give this a try too.

Petroleum Jelly and capsules of Vitamin E

Vitamin E: “found naturally in some foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement.” It is a fat-soluble antioxidant and it has been stated that it can have a potential to promote health and prevent and treat disease. Basically, you should be taking it no matter what. Many people take it because it is known for helping hair and nails grow and great for your skin.

Petroleum Jelly: Vaseline, as it is better known, is a great substance for healing dry skin. It also: helps protect minor scrapes, cuts and burns, wind burn and chapping (we always use it for chap stick if we don’t have any handy!) The last use is what we didn’t know prior, it helps reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines. HELLO PEOPLE, WRINKLES!!

The difference: Since, this is our first attempt at either, we do not have the final answer. However, we will update you on how the continued use of the vitamin E works for scars.

  • Let us forewarn you, the feeling of either on your face is not a pleasant one. However, on two different nights we tried each one. The jelly was a lot thinner and not as bad as we had assumed, it was absorbed after a little while and we woke up the next morning with our faces feeling smooth and refreshed.
  • The Vitamin E was very thick and did not smell like roses, that’s for sure. We put that on our faces and let it soak in.

*This weekly comparison is one that will be ongoing, the effects of both can not be immediately seen over just one use.

All in All: We have used the Vaseline on our faces again since the first time and will continue to use it for a long while as we feel it will definitely help our skin stay young and refreshed. As far as the Vitamin E goes, we will use that as scar spot treatment and see how that progresses!

Please let us know if you know anything about the lasting effects of either product, we would love to learn more! Until next time, stay young Betties!


The Ultimate Betties

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