Betty Law #2: The Law of Love

We have been taught at a young age about love. What exactly is love? It’s defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. You know that similar feeling you get when you opened the box to your brand new Givenchy purse! Ah-ha! That feeling! However, as a TRUE Betty, abiding by the Law of Love goes much further.

Giving is the ultimate act of love. We should never expect anything in return. In fact, the reward of helping someone will always be better than any amount of money they can repay you. There are many ways to “give back” as we discussed in a previous post you can write cards to kids. Help a neighbor. Go out of your way to be kind.

Before house music became mainstream festivals such as TAO (Together As One) were an outlet to be surrounded with positive vibes and non-judgment. Obviously, the true PLUR bunnies still attend for this reason not just because bouncing around to Swedish House Mafia is trendy. If you research Buddhism or Hinduism, that’s exactly what we are; ONE. There is no such thing as race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Before you spit out some bratty comment about a girl and her hideous outfit, remember we’re all one. We all struggle daily with our own insecurities and trials. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. Stop judging and open your mind.

Pretty self-explanatory quote. Bravo, Buddha! If we can’t learn to love ourselves for everything we are; the good, the bad, and the ugly then we can never fully achieve the law of love. I don’t mean to go all Dr. Phil on you, but it’s just the way it is, Betties! Learn to love yourself; inside and out and the rest will come easy!


The Ultimate Betties


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