Betties Guide to Balancing a Busy Life!

Often times we Betties put too much on our plate. We try to be superwoman and please everybody in our life. In your mind your juggling ways to make a sexy dinner date for you and your honey, talk your best friend off a ledge, find the nearest Starbucks for your boss, think of the perfect gift for your nephew, and mentally move around appointments so you can hit the gym. Sounds exhausting, right? It is. You wake up at 7am and your phone is immediately flooded with missed calls, text messages, and e-mails and it stops around 5pm? Maybe work related issues, but personal… until you hit the pillow to catch some Z’s. While it’s extremely commendable to try to take on as much as you can, it’s not healthy. You NEED to create YOU time. Otherwise, your load will get so heavy – anxiety/stress will set in and you will crumble. We know this because we’re guilty of all the above! We want to share some tips so you all make time for yourselves and don’t fall victim to a nervous breakdown.

  • If you wake up at 7am, do not look at your phone. Give yourself an hour of you time. Gather your thoughts. Get ready. Enjoy your shower with a clear mind. Most of us use our iPhone’s for our alarm; we suggest you purchase an actual alarm. If you rely on your phone to wake you up, you will immediately check every message. This leads to anxiety before your feet hit the floor to get out of bed.
  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate NO into your vocabulary. May we remind you, always say it nicely but you don’t have to commit to things or try to save the day for everyone. If your co-workers invite you to happy hour but you’ve skipped out on the gym the past week; it’s OKAY to say NO. No one will disown you or talk badly behind your back. They will respect you for acknowledging you don’t have time instead of flaking out last-minute. Flaking out because you’ve taken on too much will result in a bad reputation.
  • Ever notice that men usually set aside a day or two or a weekend (if they have a bad ass wife/girlfriend) to have their bromance? Woman need to do the exact same thing. Seldom do you see guy’s texting their bro’s back and forth all day about their daily dramas. They focus on the here & now. We should all take notes. Instead of consuming your day trying to converse with your girlfriends; set aside a day a week to meet up and fill each other in on your lives.  If they live far away – recognize that’s what FaceTime was invented for. Any time you can bond in person or face-to-face as opposed to behind an e-mail or text is BETTER! You will also have something to look forward to all week.
  • Your romantic relationship will take the most effort, time, and thought next to your career. Rightfully so.  Relationships take a lot of work.  If you’re lucky enough to be in a healthy relationship – your partner is your best friend. That’s who you want to spend your free time with! Remember, they have their own life, concerns, stresses, etc. They will understand if you can’t give them an extravaganza date night every week. In this case, the THOUGHT is what COUNTS. Something as little as the two of you watching a movie and enjoying a glass of wine with both cell phones turned OFF will go a long way. It allows you both to reconnect and not have any distractions.
  • Here’s the MOST important part: spend an hour a night doing something YOU find relaxing. If that’s reading a book, taking a bubble bath or watching an hour of mindless TV; DO IT! Whatever it is. If you allow yourself time to revamp, you will be a better version of yourself to EVERYONE in your life.

These tips sound so simple but they do work! As we said before, we’ve had to evaluate how we were going to handle our stressful life without going absolutely insane. If you apply these tips, you will feel more balanced! Think of other ideas that could help you in your own life. If you come up with anything new or that you felt worked better for you – PLEASE SHARE! It’s the only way we can improve our already crazy/beautiful lives!



The Ultimate Betties


2 thoughts on “Betties Guide to Balancing a Busy Life!

  1. Right on, sisters! Such a good topic. I will be discussing black and white thinking on my blog, and this is what I have found: The less black and white thinking you have, and the more flexibility, the easier your life will be to live. I now say “Good is good enough, I will start from where I’m at” instead of trying to do everything perfectly. I often remind myself that in order to be there for other people, I must be kind to myself first and get filled up on things I enjoy (your idea to spend time for yourself is a great one!) before I get drained down to nothing from doing for others. I love to serve, but I also have to take care of me. 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! You are so right and we LOVE that you know this and are practicing it daily, you go girl! Keep up the positive lifestyle, we dig it. And yes, ALWAYS take care of you first!
      The Ultimate Betties

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