Cards For Hospitalized Kids

Happy Tuesday All!

From time to time, we Betties will share a Cause that we really have a passion for, after all paying it forward is part of being a true Betty and an overall good person. At this time, we are making hand-made cards for children in hospitals. Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an organization that was founded by a high school student named Jen Rubino in March of 2011. She started the charitable organization based on her own experience of being a long-term patient in a hospital.

Kids who are hospitalized often feel isolated and forgotten about. They also miss out on many of the little things in life that most children take for granted.

All you have to do is make a few homemade cards, even with just markers and some white printer paper. If you are feeling more creative than have it! We made a few and within a few weeks we received this in the mail from Jen Rubino:

There are specific instructions for making these cards (this can be found directly on the website):

  • Gather your supplies
  • Make sure that you do not address the cards to a specific person.
  • Decide what to write on the cards you are making. At the request of hospitals, we ask that you do not write ‘get well’, ‘feel better’ or related comments. Many of the children that hospitals treat suffer from chronic or fatal medical conditions, which is why they have requested that we no longer write get well soon or related comments on the cards.
  • Do not write any of your personal information, your address or anything related to religion or put on any cards that you are “praying for them.”
  • Lastly, sign just your first name on the cards that you make and send them out

The address to send the cards is:

Cards for Hospitalized Kids
6567 N. Olmsted
Chicago, IL 60631

Please like them on Facebook and follow  them on Twitter at: @Crds4HosptlKids

Make even one card or have your kids make one and send it out. Trust us when we say it will not only make a  child happy but it will make you feel good too!

Pay it Forward,

The Ultimate Betties XO


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