Weekly Comparisons: Say Yes Vs. Clean and Clear

Happy Tuesday Betties!

How many times have you washed your face with one of those cleansers and after you dried your face it felt increasingly tight? Have you tried way too many face washes and none seem to make you feel like the models in the commercials look? Well, we Betties are no different. At one time or another we’re all suckers for the bright packaging and just like cellulite creams claim,” the overnight be-goners”. Clear and clean skin is an absolute must for us and we want to share our experiences with two different face washes we have tried recently. In this weeks Weekly Comparisons we are going to look at Clean and Clear’s Deep Action Cream Cleanser versus Say Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser.

Clean and Clear products are a staple, it’s almost the go to face cleanser. So, that is what has been gracing our sink counters and showers for awhile now. A few weeks ago, the brand Say Yes To came into our lives and we decided to give it a try. Both of these Betties have dealt with a little bit of acne back in our high school days, so we are always trying new things. What we are comparing here is not the exact same as an acne cleanser. (BTW, both lines carry an acne line, which is amazing!) Since our horrid days we just try and keep our skin as fresh as possible.

We will start with Say Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser. You know that feeling when you wash your face with soap? Yeah, it’s never really good afterwards. You need dollops of greasy lotion to make it feel semi-normal again? Not with this stuff. We could not believe the sensation our faces felt after just the first time using it, no lotion necessary afterwards. It is 98% natural and its key ingredients are Green tea and Soy protein. Free of: parabens (preservatives), phthalates (an industrial chemical used in many cosmetics) and SLS (a detergent useful for removing grease). After looking up what these terms meant, it really made us think about what kind of chemicals are in our everyday beauty products. So to that, the Say Yes line is a little more expensive than Clean and Clear but it’s completely worth it.

  • Say Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleansers was voted MVP 2012(Most Valuable Product) in Redbook Magazine.
  • $8.99 Retail/6 Oz bottle
  • Hypoallergenic/Non-irritating
  • For sensitive skin types

Say Yes has four different lines, click the link for more information or to buy their products.

Now for the Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser. Despite our previous statements, C&C is not bad nor should it be thrown out, you paid for it, right? C&C is made by trusted Johnson & Johnson and their following is huge! It is less expensive and for the most part still gets the job done. We did notice that tight sensation after we washed and dried our faces though, and if that is a big thing for you, I’d avoid this C&C product. We cannot speak for all of their products however.

  • OK to use twice a day
  • For normal or oily skin
  • Oil Free
  • $4.00-$5.99 in most drug stores/6.5 Oz bottle

Click here for Clean and Clear’s website!

Overall, these Betties would go with the Say Yes line, but the rest is up to you. We hope you enjoy whatever products you may use and stay away from all those chemicals!

As Always,

The Ultimate Betties XO


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