The iPhone 5

Happy Thursday Betties!

It’s almost the weekend, and if that wasn’t something to be excited about , yesterday Apple introduced the next generation iPhone 5, it will be on-sale September 21! This is the newest and first product Apple has released since the passing of former CEO Steve Jobs. We know everyone and their mother has probably¬† already researched it with the anticipation of its arrival. However, we Betties just wanted to write a little post for all of those who maybe haven’t heard much about what the new iPhone will feature and how it is different from its predecessors.

This is a picture of the latest iPhone, from left the new iPhone 5, and the 4s and the 4.

Just by this picture you can tell the new phone will be thinner and taller than the previous phones. Although taller it will still fit in your hand just the same. They know we all have our texting game down pat, they wouldn’t dare change it on us now! The new phone is also lighter in weight than the old phones. The 5 will be lighter weighing in at 3.95 ounces, where the 4 and 4s are 4.8-4.9 ounces. It will also come in black and/or white for your preference.

Now for the fun stuff! The screen will be .5 inches bigger diagonally, the resolution is better, and it will also include that sarcastic bitch Siri for your enjoyment. The Bluetooth has improved as well as the face-time application (also in the 4s) can now be done over cellular data and not just WiFi for our convenience.

The camera and docking port changes: the camera on the 4s and 5 are 8 megapixels where the camera on the 4 is 5 megapixels and lets not even discuss the 3/3gs! Now, the docking port has changed. Before we actually heard about it, we were dreading throwing away all those extra chargers we have collected over the years of new iPods and iPhones, but it’s not all bad. They are making the port smaller in the phone, so now we can still use our existing charging cords we just need an adapter(that should come with the purchase of the new phone) that fits on to the charger and plugs right into the phone.

Last but not least, the new iPhones are coming with new headphones with a mic, and they are calling them EarPods. Supposedly, they are Apple’s version of the Beats by Dr. Dre, Don’t quote us on that though.

So there you have it Betties! If you wish to learn more visit this link. Enjoy the newest gadget to own our world!


The Ultimate Betties


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