Southwest Eating: Fresh&Easy Vs MyFitFoods

This weekly comparison is for all you Southwest Betties!

Often times, we go through our busy day and forget to eat. Unless we have the occasional lunch meeting. Otherwise, we try to cram in whatever we can to give our body fuel to continue our day. Our choices aren’t always the best when this happens.

This weeks comparison is Fresh&Easy vs MyFitFoods. Both establishments have the same concept. Although, Fresh & Easy caters more to grocery shopping, they do have lunch specials “To Go”. Each place wants to create a feel of convenience that’s a healthier choice for you then stopping at a Fast Food chain.

We compared their ‘Chicken Enchilida Lunch Special’


As you all can see from the Nutritional Facts, this is a great choice. Fresh&Easy does use pretty natural ingredients. Pop it in your microwave for about 90 seconds and you have yourself a decent lunch. This contains MilkWheat and Soy.

This meal is definitely better than going to a Mexican restaurant and eating their Enchilidas that are high in Fat and Calories. It’s pretty tasty but I felt lethargic and heavy after eating it.

I was apprehensive about eating another Chicken Enchilida meal from MyFitFoods. I was expecting to have the same experience from Fresh&Easy.

MyFitFoods is fairly new to the Westcoast. You walk in and it’s very small. To the left, you have the cashier stations and the right you see the frozen section of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Pretty simple right? Almost too simple to the point you feel skeptical. How could anything GOOD be that SIMPLE?


If you are only looking at the Nutritional Facts, you are probably leaning more towards ^ MyFitFoods. The calories are lowered by 70 and the protein is up by 8 grams. Personally, Us Betties enjoy 40/40/20 when it comes to healthy meals. This contains Milk & Nuts.

Skeptical to try, I placed this meal in my microwave for 90 seconds. Immediately, the smell seemed more fresh and healthy. I added a little hot sauce to one and left the other plain. I wanted to see if it needed spice because I had the feeling it would taste too bland. I was WRONG. The meal actually tasted perfect without any hot sauce. To say this meal was life changing might sound over-the-top. It truly was the best frozen food experience I’ve ever had. It left me feeling full, energized, and satisfied.

What you see is what you get with MyFitFoods. The ingredients are pretty straight forward across the board. This is a meal you could make at home! The greatest part of all is how convenient it is. If you don’t have time to whip this meal up because you’re a hardworking Betty – find a MyFitFoods and leave your worries at the door.

Please research each place. I’m convinced that MyFitFoods will be popping up all over the place. A fabulous concept. Bravo Guys!!!

Never feel that you have to settle for something greasy because it’s quick. There are healthy choices all around us!


The Ultimate Betties


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