Restaurant Etiquette 101

Something every Betty should know!

Going out to dinner could be the highlight of your week or it could be as frequent as an every night occasion, either way this is something to pay attention to. With more than six years in the restaurant world (yes, it’s basically a new planet) these are the most important findings we have found. Following is a list of how you, the customer and the Betty, should properly act. Take note.

1. Here is probably the most important rule to live by, whether it pertains to your experience in a restaurant or in your everyday life: do not be rude. do not be rude. do not be rude. Yes, we are here to serve you and make it a wonderful experience but we are also human beings, with feelings. Barking your orders and being demanding is not going to get you any food any faster, we promise.
2. TIP YOUR SERVER!!! We work on other people’s graciousness. Yes, we get a weekly check but it is nothing, it is taxed and then it is based on the amount of tips we have to declare each day. Seriously, if you do not have the money to leave more than $4 on a $40 check, go to a fast-food restaurant or even to take-away at the place of your choice. It’s not fair to us, the servers. After all is said and done we don’t even get that whole $4.
3. Kindly ask for everything you may need in one visit, whatever visit that may be. For example, Tina wants another coke, and when we bring Tina that coke than Bob asks for a refill on his strawberry lemonade and so on and so forth. Think about that, if you hear someone asking for something, ask too! After a party of 5 or 6 does that, it can get a little frustrating. We understand you need things to enjoy your meal but believe it or not you are not our only table, especially on a busy night. If you do not see us constantly or at another table around yours taking an order, it is most likely because we are helping out in the back, running food or restocking dishes. Just like your job we have to multitask, we are not ignoring you and the fact that you need another napkin because yours fell under the table.
4. I am sure this is going to be a shocker, brace yourself…most of us under the age of 30 have college degrees. Trust, we do not want to do this for the rest of our lives. Please keep your judgements to a minimum.
5. The rule of separate checks: if you are bringing in a party of 8 and you all want separate checks but don’t tell us until we bring you the normal check, that is just evil. It is a very tedious process. Like previously mentioned in rule 3, we are doing other things for other people to ensure they have a great experience. Please, if you want separate checks state that in the very beginning!

Last but not least, be friendly to your server. Not just because we deal with your food but because it is SO nice to come in contact with friendly, understanding people. When you have already had a night of angry-never-going-to-be-satisfied people who complain about every little thing; taking an order from someone who can be patient is quite lovely!

Just a little something that we believe every Betty can learn from and hopefully help spread around to make the restaurant world, a much better one!

As Always Stay Classy,
ultimate betties xo


19 thoughts on “Restaurant Etiquette 101

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